AAU & USA Diving Memberships

All divers training with AFD are required to have active memberships with AAU Diving & USA Diving.

Please make sure these memberships are active before starting the registration process.

AAU Diving

AAU memberships must be renewed annually by September 1st.

If you are uncertain of the current expiration date of your membership, use the link below to look it up.

To obtain a number for new divers or renew a membership, visit:

Click on Youth Athlete Membership

Sport: Diving

Choose Regular Membership, not Extended

Choose desired term (AAU Memberships need renewed by September 1 during year of expiration)

Are they a member of a club? Yes

Enter your Club Code: W3776E (USE ALL CAPS)

Follow prompts through to completion

USA Diving

Current USA Diving membership is required for all AFD divers. USA Diving Memberships need renewed every year by January 1st. You can begin renewing them each year after December 1st.

To obtain a number for new divers or renew a membership, visit:

Select either "Login" or "Join USA Diving" if you have never been a USA Diving member before.

  • For divers who are younger than 17 and will not turn 18 in this calendar year, select either 2024 Athlete (17U) or 2024 Competition Athlete (17U).
  • Athlete (17U) $40.00
  • Athlete (FINA Age 18+) $40.00
  • Competition Athlete (17U) $200.00  
  • Competition Athlete (FINA Age 18+) $200.00

A competition membership is only required if a diver plans to compete in USA Diving sanctioned meets. You can upgrade your membership to this level later if you do decide to compete in USA Diving meets.

  • Athletes who turn 18 or older in the calendar year need to select 2023 Competition Athlete (FINA Age 18+). These athletes will also require a background check for an additional cost.
  • Association - select LAKE ERIE
  • Club - select American Flyers Diving
  • Coach of Record - select Katie Carter (American Flyers Diving)
  • All AFD divers should have Katie as their USA Diving Coach of Record, regardless of what team they are on. Please do not select a coach of record other than Katie. This applies for HS divers as well.

Follow prompts through to completion.

USA Diving Membership FAQs

How do I upgrade my “Athlete” membership to “Competition Athlete” so I can compete at a Region Event?

Divers must have a current USA Diving “Competition Athlete” membership to compete at a Region Championship meet. Divers who only have an “Athlete” membership and not a “Competition Athlete” membership may easily upgrade by logging on to their USA Diving accountOnce logged in, select the “Upgrade Membership” button (do not choose Renew Membership) and you will be able to pay the difference between the two memberships.

I already have a “Competition Athlete” membership, but I am unable to register. What could the problem be?

The name and birthdate listed in your USA Diving account MUST match the information in your Dive Meets profile exactly. If you are having trouble registering for a meet, please verify that the information in the two accounts match.

If you are turning 18 during the 2024 calendar year, you must have completed your Safe Sport Training and have cleared a Background Screening prior to registering for an event. If your USA Diving membership is not current, this may be the reason. Background Screenings generally take at least three to five business days (or possibly longer) to complete so be sure that you have completed this if you are turning 18 during the calendar year. International Background Screenings can take significantly longer so please attend to this ASAP if this might impact you. You can check your USA Diving membership account to make sure these items have been completed.

How do I change my Club team affiliation?

A diver may change a Club affiliation up until 30 days prior to their respective Region meet. No Club affiliation may be changed after that time until after the end of the USA Diving Junior National Championships. A diver may, however, change to unaffiliated at any time. A calendar of USA Diving Region event dates can be found at the following link: https://www.usadiving.org/calendar.

I am turning 19 this year. Can I still compete?

Divers who turn 19 this year may continue to compete in the 16-18 age group at USA Diving events until they turn 19. Once the diver turns 19, they are no longer eligible to compete in USA Diving junior events.

What if I miss the deadline to register for an event?

If you miss the deadline to register for an event, late registrations will be accepted with a $100 late fee. This is necessary for planning purposes. USA Diving is unable to refund late fees

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