Great Reads

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

- Jim Rohn

There are countless books available to help divers improve in both diving and life beyond diving. Below are the favorites of the AFD coaching staff. These books will help build a strong foundation of personal development for young divers and get them a great start on their personal library. These are great gift ideas for birthdays, holidays and graduation.

*CP - Coach's Pick; these are favorites of the AFD coaching staff.

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New Additions!

In this book you will learn that measuring your current self vs. your former self has enormous psychological benefits. And that's really the key to this deceptively simple yet multi-layered concept that will have you feeling good, feeling grateful, and feeling like you are making progress even when times are tough, which will in turn bolster motivation, confidence, and future success.

Leadership & Team Building

*CP: Coach Dan

Attitude and Thought Process

*CP: Coach Kami

*CP: Coach McKenzie

*CP: Coach Marc

*CP: Coach Emily


*CP: Coach Kenzie

*CP: Coach Marc

*CP: Coach Emily

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