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American Flyers Diving

American Flyers Diving is a year-round age group springboard and platform diving club designed to teach and develop athletes from novice to the highest ELITE level. The American Flyers diving team has been an official team member of United States Diving since 1995.

Message from the Flyers

Our ultimate goal is to teach kids how to dive, how to be competitive, and still have fun. We strive to make a positive experience out of learning something new. Diving is very much an individual effort and every person has a different mental and emotional way of learning. With positive motivation and safe skill development, diving can be a great way to achieve both physical and mental confidence. As a club, each individual learns to contribute to the success of the team, building a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. These are all skills which we believe are useful in life as well.

American Flyers Diving Diving Training Methodology

The American Flyers Diving Club utilizes 3 physical training approaches. The first is the most obvious – diving boards and water. The second is visual training. This includes a digital video system to record and play back each dive on a delay so each athlete can see their last dive as they exit the water. The third, and one of the most important, is less obvious – dry land training. This includes a “dry board,” trampoline (both with overhead spotting rigs), and a workout area.

Dry land training is a key element in the progression of safe skill development for diving. This allows a diver to perform the skills at a basic level and master key body positions before progressing to more difficult skills. Correct form and increased repetition aids in a better foundation for muscle memory which are of great importance to any activity. The process of building muscle memory can be greatly sped up with dry land work. During dry land training, a diver will get through many more repetitions in much less time than they will in the water. This, in turn, maximizes practice time. Another great reward that this type of training can provide for divers is a heightened level of confidence in a shorter amount of time.


Registrations Happening Now!

Click here to schedule (1) FREE Trial Practice by email and for more information about registering for our programs.

Registration Info Coming Soon

Look for details on the upcoming March - May Registration, which should be opening approximately February 23.

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Deadline to order 2019-2020 Regular Season Apparel is 02/16/2020

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Announcements, Updates & More!

Congratulations OHSAA State Finalists & Other Info!!

By Christine Keating 02/15/2020, 10:45am EST

CONGRATULATIONS to our AFD Divers who are OHSAA State Finalists! Your hard work has paid off! It isn't over yet, so please see your practice schedule below.

Please read this email entirely as there is a lot of information including OHSAA State Tournament Info, requests for Lifeguards, info about Monday, 2/17 and a teaser for the March - May session Registration coming soon! In addition upcoming AFD Meet recap and AFD Regular Season Apparel order reminder is at the bottom (DEADLINE TOMORROW).

17 out of 28 total OHSAA State spots were AFD Divers. 8 out of 12 medals were won by AFD Divers! Incredible!

I need all of the AFD State Qualifiers to email your shirt size. AFD provides an AFD themed State shirt as a gift for all your hard work and dedication which you will receive in the weeks following the tournament.


D1 Girls -
Tara Fitzgerald (1st Place)
Abby Wilkov (2nd Place)
Bethany Mercer (3rd Place)
Alex Ludgate (5th Place)


D1 Boys -
Jackson Salisbury (1st Place)
Patrick Burke (2nd Place)
Josh Schwartz (4th Place)
Hunter Trautmann (5th Place)


D2 Girls -
Amanda Leizman (1st Place)
Kate LaMonica (2nd Place)
Mary O'Neill (3rd Place)


D2 Boys -
Michael Holtz (4th Place)
Clay Foster (5th Place)
Schafer Eckerle (6th Place)
Alex Bayus (8th Place)
Keanu Sherman (9th Place)
Donovan Picone (10th Place)


AFD does not have Solon High School or WRA on Monday, February 17. Therefore the following are the ONLY practices on Monday:

  • Solon High School Team ONLY at SHS 8am-10am
  • RWBPrep and State Qualifiers ONLY Monday at US from 7:30pm-9pm (REMEMBER: door code is 5152# which will work 15 minutes prior until 15 minutes after practice. Do not share the code or prop the door. If you have not filled out this location specific waiver since 9/1/2019 then you need to go to this link:

We strongly encourage AFD Divers of all ages to make an effort to attend some of the State action in Canton next week if you are able. I have included the basic information below:

State Tournament Competition Schedule

  • Wednesday, February 19
  • 9:00 AM - Girls Div. II Diving Preliminaries, Semifinals & Finals 
  • 2:00 PM - Boys Div. II Diving Preliminaries, Semifinals & Finals
  • Thursday, February 20
  • 9:00 AM - Girls Div. I Diving Preliminaries, Semifinals & Finals
  • 5:00 PM - Girls & Boys Div. II Swimming Preliminaries
  • Friday, February 21
  • 9:00 AM - Girls & Boys Div. I Swimming Preliminaries 
  • 5:00 PM - Girls & Boys Div. II Swimming Finals
  • Saturday, February 22
  • 9:00 AM - Boys Div. I Diving Preliminaries, Semifinals & Finals
  • 4:00 PM - Girls & Boys Div. I Swimming Finals


GPS Address
C.T. Branin Natatorium
1715 Harrison Ave NW
Canton, OH 44708

OHSAA Tournament Merchandise:


Diving Competition: $15.00 per person per day available at main entrance (State Qualifier families should check with their coaches to see if they are able to get you a limited number of advance tickets.)

State Tournament Practice Schedule in Canton:

Tuesday -
  • D2 Boys/Girls Warmup 5pm-7pm


Wednesday -
  • D2 Girls should be at the pool by 7:15am. Warm up 7am-8:50am (1st 5 dives) Meet starts at 9am
  • D1 Boys/Girls practice approximately 5:30pm-7pm


Thursday -
  • D1 Girls need to be at the pool by 7:15am. Warm up 7am-8:50am (1st 5 dives) Meet starts at 9am
D1 Boys practice 2:45pm-4:50pm (Coach Dan)


Friday -
  • D1 Boys Warm up 2:45pm-4:50pm (Coach Marc & Coach Dan)


Saturday -
  • D1 Boys be at pool by 7:15am
  • Warm ups 7am-8:50am (1st 5 Dives)
  • Meet starts at 9am


The last day of the current AFD January/February Session is Sunday, February 23. Good news! We will have WRA back for the March - May session. We expect to open March - May registration on Sunday, February 23 at 5pm. Remember, practices are first come, first serve. If days/times/locations are important to you, you will want to register sooner rather then later. We do our best to keep the diver:coach ratio at a certain number to insure the most successful practice for both divers and coaches. You MUST be registered PRIOR to the first practice or you may not be be allowed to practice! We will be closed the week of February 24 to recover from High School season and regroup, but we are excited to get back to work the week of March 2. Enjoy your time off!


I will be sending information about the March - May Registration session over the next week prior to the Registration opening. All current registration links are housed on the main page. This is where you can find ODL Registrations and Intent to Participate Registrations for bigger meets as well. The RWBPrep meet code is the same for the entire 2019-2020 season. Invitations are about to go out for the upcoming Promotions to RWBPrep teams. If you have been on the Prep team for the current 2019-2020 season, you should expect to pay the 2nd installment of the bi-annual fee which will be $200.This will take you through 8/31/2020.


We are always in need of lifeguards! The link below is where you can sign up for shifts. This link is also used as your timesheet. This link is updated often, so please check it frequently! Click here for information about current lifeguard shifts for January/February. There will be a new link posted on the main page of main page once it becomes available for March - May.


Upcoming Meets you can see on the main page of which includes Intent to Participate registrations which are required (specific details for each meet at each of the registration links on our main page):

  • March 13-15 - AAU Diving White North Qualifer @BGSU (Mandatory for all of RWB. Even if you are USA Diving path, you should plan to register for 3M event, so you may have access to practice Tower with us while we are there.) PREP/DEV/INT strongly encouraged to participate if you have the required dive lists, please check with your coach if unsure.) Deadlines coming fast for this one!
  • March 22 - ODL @YSU (Mandatory for all of RWBPrep, unless otherwise instructed. DEV/INT strongly encouraged.) All skill levels welcome!
  • April 17-19 - John Smith Memorial Meet @BoydsMD (Mandatory for all of RWB team on USA Diving path and encouraged for those on the AAU Diving path as it will allow for tower practice by registering for 3M event. PREP/DEV/INT strongly encouraged to participate if you have the required dive lists, please check with coach if unsure. Novice events available.)
  • April 24-26 - USA Diving Region 5 @YpsilantiMI (Mandatory for RWB team. Tower will be mandatory, unless instructed otherwise. PREP/DEV/INT strongly encouraged to participate if you have the required dive lists, please check with coach if unsure.)


Meets Coming that are not posted yet:

  • ODL Champs @OSU May 16-17. RWBPrep should plan on a potential Tower practice day we are currently trying to arrange on Friday, May 15. Saturday, May 16 is a practice day at an additional fee (RWBPrep Mandatory and DEV/INT by invite only) and Sunday, May 17 is the competition day. All skill levels welcome!
  • USA Diving Zone C @MiamiU June 27 - July 2 (Region 5 qualification required)
  • AAU Nationals @SanAntonioTX July 14 - July 23 (qualification required)
  • USA Diving Nationals @SanAntonioTX July 24 - August 2 (Zone C qualification required.) July 24-25 will be practice days.


2019-2020 AFD Regular Season Apparel can be ordered by clicking here. Deadline to order is by end of day Sunday, February 16. Don't miss out! Long and short sleeve options available.


Our fundraising will continue in the Spring, more details to come! You will have the opportunity to earn dollars towards your own tuition account in addition to helping AFD out! We are very close to being able to order our new Video Replay system which is going to cost ~$20k+! We also have some other exciting plans in the pipeline we hope to announce soon! :)


Congrats once again to our State Qualifiers! We are looking forward to the upcoming registration session and travel season to begin!





By Christine Keating 01/22/2020, 7:15pm EST

Due to the facility issue at WRA, Monday, January 27, we have moved your Monday WRA practice to SHS 7pm-8:30pm.

On Mondays, February 3, 10 and 17, we have moved your Monday WRA practice to US 7:30pm-9pm. The door code is 5152#. It will work from 15 minutes prior until 15 minutes after practice. If you have not filled out the location specific waiver AFTER 9/1/2019, you will need to fill it out again here:

The calendar and app will be updated by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this. If WRA gets the issue resolved prior to the end of the session, then we will try to move back to WRA before the next session. We will keep you posted. Check the app/calendar often.



{LOC CHG} RWB/PREP Wednesdays 1/22-2/19/2020

By Christine Keating 01/20/2020, 6:15pm EST

Due to the facility issue at WRA, beginning this Wednesday 1/22 until the end of this session, we have moved your Wednesday WRA practice to US at the same time 7:30pm-9pm. You will need the door code which will work from 15 minutes prior until 15 minutes after practice. If you have not filled out the location specific waiver AFTER 9/1/2019, you will need to fill it out again here:

The calendar and app will be updated by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this. If WRA gets the issue resolved prior to the end of the session, then we will try to move back to WRA before the next session. We will keep you posted. Check the app/calendar often.





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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Countdown!



Marc Head Coach/Owner

Marc Head Coach/Owner

Phone: 216.832.6073 (call/text)

Christine Manager

Christine Manager

Phone: 330.261.2186 (call/text)

Are you a lifeguard?

Please consider lifeguarding for AFD. We have shifts available at Solon High School (SHS) as well as University School (US). Sign up here!

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