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Recent Red/Blue Prep Teams News

RWB DROP IN Registration Available for This Weekend @YSU

By Christine Keating 10/12/2021, 10:45am EDT

Since we have DROP IN tower practice available this weekend at YSU for RWB Teams, we will not be attending the Creepy Classic. You can register for these practices on the main-page of

All questions moving forward can be directed to Coach Marc and Coach Dan. I will be working with them this month to transition my duties. It has been a pleasure servicing your families these past few years.

Thank you!

DROP IN Registration NOW OPEN for October 5-23 (including YSU time!)

By Christine Keating 10/05/2021, 3:30pm EDT

The Drop In Registration for October 5-23 is open! This week's openings are currently on the registration, it will continue to be updated throughout this week with the remaining dates.

You can access the Registration on the main page of


Please consider completing your Intent to Participate Registration for the Creepy Classic being hosted by the Indiana International School of Diving by Monday, October 4 by 6pm.


You will be added to the Sports Engine (SE) app group for this meet if we get enough participating to make it worthwhile to send staff to this meet. This group is where all the info will be disseminated for the meet including deadlines and hotel block information when it becomes available.


NON-RWB Team Members will be required to pay coaching fees on top of your event fees which will be invoiced to you electronically approximately a week before the meet. You must pay this invoice PRIOR to arrival to each meet.


Coaching fees are FREE to RWB Divers as they are included with the annual/bi-annual fees. DEV/INT need to pay $40 for 1 event or $70 for 2 events. If you do a 3rd event, it's FREE. These coaching fees will be electronically invoiced to you about 1 week prior to the meet.


Complete Intent to Participate Here:



Competition Schedule announced week of the meet!
Saturday, October 16-Sunday, October 17
IUPUI Natatorium - 901 West New York St - Indianapolis, IN 46202
Register via

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