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Please make sure you download our Sports Engine app. You can use the same login you used when you registered for the current session. It's a family login, your diver and you can use the same login. This is the primary place we communicate and update the schedule. You will want to check the schedule, messages, news and chat often.

2022 Summer Planned Closures



Reporting Absences

It is appreciated if you can report an absence as soon as you know it will be happening. This helps us know where we may have space for a DROP IN or Make-up in addition to appropriate staffing. Once your registration is completed, you will be added to the Roster in the Sports Engine app. This will take place by the 2nd Week of Practice. You will receive an email notification that you have been added, how to download the app and to View Team. You will not be able to see the schedule in your app until this has been completed.


You can report your absence by emailing Drop-ins are not loaded into the SE app so you must keep track of them individually. 


Please do not wait until the last minute (whenever possible) to try and report an absence.



Announcements, Changes & Updates

All announcements, changes & updates will be sent by email and/or "News" in the Sports Engine app and Social Media outlets. We encourage all the divers to join these resources. If your diver is utilizing the Sports Engine app, they need to be logged in with the same login you used to register (it's a family login.) It's helpful for them to see upcoming deadlines, changes and announcements that might affect them. We also strongly encourage you join the closed Facebook Group ( as we post updates here as well.


Open Sports Engine App > tap on Teams (star at bottom) > tap on a Practice Day > tap on News **you can even email these News articles to yourself or send to someone else if you like by tapping on the square with the arrow pointing up once you are in the News article**


You can enable push notifications so you are notified with a pop-up on your phone every time a news item is added or you can disable this feature. This is personal preference. If you choose to disable the notifications, we strongly encourage you to manually check the News/Calendar on regular basis, even daily.


Disable app push notifications by tapping on Account (bottom right) > tap on Gear (top right) > tap on Notification settings. You can change them all at once or you can go to specific sections and toggle by different types of pop-ups.


Don't want the email reminders everyday? Follow this link for instruction. This setting modification is done by logging into your account on our website Once again, if you turn off these emails, it is your responsibility to manually go in the app to verify your schedule and any possible changes. While on the subject of the website, the site is intuitive to your login. If you are not logged in, you will not see all the pages. If you are logged in, it will show you more pages often specific to you.


Want some more tips & tricks about the app? Click here for some more pointers. This page is on our website for your convenience.