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Spring Session March 7-May 27 Registration Opening Later Today!

By Christine Keating 02/28/2021, 10:15am EST

First off, we are so thrilled with our AFD High School Diver results following this past week!


*******DIVISION 1 BOYS**********
Dominic Roberto (Solon) - STATE CHAMPION!
Zach Schering (Jackson) - 4th
Ezra Dykema (Shaker Heights) - 6th
Patrick Burke (Solon) - 7th
Vinny Traganza (Jackson) - 10th
Andrew Chand (Highland) - 15th
***Andrew is the first diver to ever compete 413b at the       
       division 1 state championships! Scoring 52 points!
********DIVISION 1 GIRLS*********
Maddie Luzko (Highland) - 5th
Abby Wilkov (Solon)- 8th
Bethany Mercer (Solon) - 13th
Anya Ferner (Kent Roosevelt) - 14th
Victoria Blechschmid (Aurora) 


********DIVISION 2 GIRLS*********
Kate LaMonica (Chagrin Falls) - 2nd 
Sam Holtz (Chagrin Falls) - 3rd
Peyton Thurman (Revere) - 6th
Kendall Nigh (Poland) - 11th
Alex Coleman (Hoban)
********DIVISION 2 BOYS*********
Clay Foster (Kenston) - 6th
Jack McDaniel (US) - 14th
Keanu Sherman (Chagrin Falls) - 16th
Carmen D'Alesio (Poland)
Cameron Bizjak (US)



*********WPIAL (Pennsylvania) ***************
Maggie Foley - AA Girls Champion and sole State Qualifier! 
David Manelis - AAA Boys champion and sole State Qualifier!
(This year, due to COVID, Pa. is only qualifying District Champions from the 10 AA & AAA Boys and Girls districts to the State Championships.)


CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and your hard work! Thank you to our AFD coaches who worked tirelessly this Winter Session between Club Diving and the High School Season!


Spring Session March 7 - May 27 Registration is slated to open later today by 5pm. I wanted to get a preview out to you so you could get a jump start on what you might be looking to pick. Remember, these registrations fill up quickly like a concert on-sale! So, don't wait to register especially if specific days/times/locations are important to you! Our practices have very limited capacity with the Pandemic and we can't exceed the allotted number of divers per practice. Speaking of the Pandemic, make sure you are very familiar with each facility's Pandemic Protocol including specific waivers that might be needed as often as on a daily basis. This will all be outlined in the registration but can also be referenced at



  • AFD does not honor reschedules or makeups if you miss a practice. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE. We only offer reschedules or makeups if AFD has to cancel a practice due to weather, staffing or a facility issue.
  • Please make sure to report all absences to Mrs. Keating as soon as you know about them. You can report absences by texting 330.261.2186 or by emailing


  • Please allow 24-48 hour response time if you are asking me a question. If you ask in less then this time frame, you may not get an answer in time for what you are asking. I try to respond as fast as I can, but I can't always get to you prior to 24-48 hours since I work multiple jobs.


  • You must download the Sports Engine app if you are a registered non-DROP IN diver. This is where a lot of pertinent info is housed. Make sure you are frequently checking the calendar on our website and in the app on a regular basis for any last minute changes to the schedule. Make sure you have your notifications turned on. You will use the same login that you use to register to login to your Sports Engine app. The app and our website are both very powerful resources. Please use them!


  • Please consider joining our closed AFD Information Center group on Facebook. This is where a lot of information is posted as well, especially last minute info.


  • Please consider joining REMIND for your specific group. You can not respond to REMIND messages, but we will send out last minute alerts and reminders here as well. How to join these resources will all be outlined in great detail in the Spring Session Registration (as well as all registrations.) Please take the time to read the information in these Registrations. I know it's a lot but it is all important and is not always the same.


  • THERE ARE NO PRACTICES MARCH 1-6. AFD IS CLOSED DURING THIS TIME! Winter Session ended TODAY and Spring Session Starts March 7.


  • DEADLINE IMMEDIATELY: USA Diving & AAU Diving Memberships are MANDATORY to attend practice. I will be doing an audit over the next week. If you are not compliant, you will not be allowed to attend practice as these are how we keep our insurance. You must have a paid registration and these memberships associated to AFD. ALL USA Diving memberships EXPIRED 12/31 and need renewed. If you are attending USA Diving Regionals, then you will need to upgrade to the competitive membership if you haven't already. Make sure that your memberships are attached to American Flyers Diving or I will not be able to see them and you will be considered non-compliant. These very detailed instructions on how to do this are in every registration you complete including the Spring Session Registration.


  • DEADLINE 3/6: AFD Apparel Orders are due by 3/6 no later then 5pm. Please read carefully as items are FINAL SALES/NON-REFUNDABLE. There are masks, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and tees available. There are sizing charts on this order form. Please review them before asking questions. Order Here: Welcome | 2021 Spring AFD Apparel Order | American Flyers Diving ( (we will announce when apparel is ready for pick-up, likely about 3-4 weeks out from the deadline)


  • DEADLINE 3/26: If you plan to attend USA Diving Regionals in Ypsilanti, MI, May 6-9, please respond to me by email. All levels are encouraged to attend as long as they have a legal dive list. If you don't know if your diver has a legal dive list, please have them ask their coach at practice. I need to know who is attending Regionals no later than March 26 so coaches can plan accordingly.


  • We are hopeful to begin ODL meets and of course the USA Diving meets this Spring. Side note... at this time, there are no spectators at any of the meets being planned. There are plans of live streaming and live scoring where possible (even for ODLs.) We will announce more info about meets as soon as we have it, but likely not until 1-2 weeks prior. We expect the first ODL that AFD attends to be Sunday, April 18 with a possible clinic day on Saturday, April 17. The last ODL would be Sunday, May 23 if we can get it finalized. We are getting the facilities finalized as fast as we can. We will let you know when we have more information.


  • If you still need to order AFD team suits, please do so at this link: American Flyers – Lone Star Swimwear (please allow 3 weeks turn-around time - these are direct shipped to you) Primary suits are for 1-day meets like ODLs or the 1st day of a multi-day meet. 2nd day suits are for the 2nd day of a multi-day meet and 3rd day suits are for the 3rd day of a multi-day meet.



  • If you want to add DROP IN practices for an added fee to your schedule, the DROP IN Registration will be updated on the main website of every (2) weeks on Mondays by noon. There will not be a DROP IN Registration available until March 15. No DROP INs will be available the first week of Spring Session so everyone can get settled. DROP INs are based upon availability and are $25/practice for US and Hudson. They are $35/practice for YSU. These practices are non-refundable and can't be rescheduled or made up if you miss them.


Spring Session March 7 - May 27 Schedule Preview

Developmental Team (8th Grade & Younger) Options, prices will vary depending on how many practices you choose per week:

  • Mondays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)
  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)
  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm at East Woods (Hudson)
  • Wednesdays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)
  • Wednesdays 6pm-7pm at East Woods (Hudson)
  • Thursdays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)


Intermediate Team (High School Age) Options, prices will vary depending on how many practices you choose per week:

  • Mondays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)
  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)
  • Tuesdays 6pm-7pm at East Woods (Hudson)
  • Wednesdays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)
  • Wednesdays 6pm-7pm at East Woods (Hudson)
  • Thursdays 6pm-7pm at University School (Hunting Valley)


RWB Team (by invite only, invitations already completed) Options, each team will have different requirements outlined in the Registration but Red can expect 4 practices, White can expect 5 practices and Blue can expect 6 practices per week:

  • Mondays 6pm-8:30pm at University School (Hunting Valley) - you will do Dryland 6pm-7pm
  • Tuesdays 6pm-8:30pm at University School (Hunting Valley) - you will do Dryland 6pm-7pm
  • Wednesdays 6pm-8:30pm at University School (Hunting Valley) - you will do Dryland 6pm-7pm
  • Thursdays 6pm-8:30pm at University School (Hunting Valley) - you will do Dryland 6pm-7pm
  • Fridays 5:30pm-7pm or 7pm-8:30pm at Youngstown State University (Youngstown)
  • Saturdays 11:30am-1pm or 1pm-2:30pm at Youngstown State University (Youngstown)
  • Sundays 12pm-1:30pm or 1:30pm-3pm at Youngstown State University (Youngstown)


The Spring Session Registration will have the option to pay in full with a discount or you will be able to do a monthly payment plan with the first payment due immediately upon registration along with the annual fee if you haven't paid it since September 2020 and the remaining payments due by automatic debits on April 1 and May 1.


If you are Developmental/Intermediate and you have never registered for an ENTIRE SESSION with us since September 2020 (not just a DROP IN) then you will need to pay the $75 Annual Registration Fee which expires 8/31 no matter when you register throughout the year.


RWB Teams, we are making a special Pandemic exception this year and if you have paid the first half of your Annual Fee of $400 since September 2020, then we will not be charging the remaining $200 this year since we won't have nearly the amount of competitions that we normally have. You can expect the fee to go back to the regular $400 for the 2021-2022 Season.


The Spring Session Registration link will be posted on the main website of by 5pm today! I will not be able to answer very many questions between now and then as I am feverishly programming the system and need to focus all my brain energy on that today to make sure it is done correctly lol.


Thank you,

We would like to extend a CONGRATULATIONS to all our AFD Divers who are OHSAA State Qualifiers! Your hard work has paid off! We wish you the best of luck at the State Tournament later this week! State Divers & Parents make sure to visit the link posted below as it has new information on it that you will need to have a smooth week.


Rip It This Week State Qualifiers!
Alex Coleman (Hoban)
Sam Holtz (Chagrin Falls)
Kate LaMonica (Chagrin Falls)
Peyton Thurman (Revere)
Clay Foster (Kenston)
Cameron Bizjak (US)
Jack McDaniel (US)
Keanu Sherman (Chagrin Falls)
Maddie Luzko (Highland)
Abby Wilkov (Solon)
Bethany Mercer (Solon)
Victoria Blechschmid (Aurora)
Anya Ferner (Kent Roosevelt)
Dominic Roberto (Solon)
Patrick Burke (Solon)
Andrew Chand (Highland)
Ezra Dykema (Shaker Heights)
Kendall Nigh (Poland)
Carmen D'Alesio (Poland)
Zach Schering (Jackson)
Vinny Traganza (Jackson)

State Qualifiers Divers/Parents, please make sure to take pictures and text them to 330.261.2186 so I can post on our social media! Make sure you visit this link for the most up to date information:


REMINDER: Winter Session for American Flyers Diving ends February 28! Spring Session will be March 7 - May 27. Registration will be available beginning Sunday by 5pm. We will send information about what to expect in the registration in a separate email later this week. The registration link will be posted on the main page of our website when it becomes available on Sunday. Our registrations tend to be like concert on-sales, practices fill up quickly! If certain days, times and locations are important to you, then you need to register as close to the on-sale as possible! It is first come, first serve.


DON'T FORGET! AFD does not offer make-ups or trades to your practice schedule unless AFD has to cancel or reschedule due to staffing, facility or weather issues. Tuition is non-refundable. For those that like to purchase extra practices (Drop In) on top of their regular practice schedule, we post new Drop In Registrations on the main page of every 2 weeks on Mondays by 12pm. We will not be posting Drop Ins for the first week of the session. The first set of Drop Ins will be posted based on availability on Monday, March 15.


Once again, good luck State Qualifiers!

DROP IN Registration for Feb 15-28 is NOW OPEN!

By Christine Keating 02/15/2021, 3:00pm EST

DROP IN Registration for 2/15-2/28 is now open!

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