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To all families of divers in the Intermediate & Developmental groups,
This is the moment I have been dreading. Unfortunately at this time we have to put a hold on training temporarily once the summer session ends August 14. This means that we will not have a Fall Session Registration for the Intermediate & Developmental groups at this time.
There's no easy way to say it & I feel totally hopeless in this situation. It saddens me that we cannot find enough pools or space for everyone. Rest assured that we will consistently be checking on the status with all of our past locations as well as looking for new ones. 
I am really hoping that this situation will only be a short hiatus. I remain confident that as schools get into session & the powers that be will see we can show a safe return to their pools. Again, with this ever-changing period we could be back in somewhere within a week or be out for months? I think as schools get closer to their high school seasons that could spur things on in our favor. It is still too early to know what they are all deciding. As we have seen with back to school plans things have already changed with the initial roll outs & I suspect we will only know what is going to happen as we live in the moment, day to day & week to week. 
Please stay tuned for drop ins or any availability as we keep searching & hearing back from locations. Our website, Instagram and our Facebook closed group (AFD Information Center) are great resources to see up-to-date information. Please check in often.
Thank you so much for your understanding & patience during this time.
Take care, 
Marc Cahalane

DROP IN Registration Updated

By Christine Keating 08/07/2020, 10:30am EDT

American Flyers Diving


  • Summer Session ends Week of August 10-14
  • WRA Practice on Friday August 14 is canceled by WRA due to school-wide event


There is still space this Saturday at WRA especially the 9am-10:30am timeslot. I have also added several additional slots through August 18 (yes, after Summer Session ends)... we were able to squeak out a few extra practices before the facilities kicked out outside renters. :) Please make sure you are reading the dates, times and locations carefully that you select for DROP INs. DROP INs are non-refundable and there are no make-ups.


DROP IN Registration:


Thank you,


TODAY's PRACTICE at WRA 9am-10:30am

By Christine Keating 08/04/2020, 9:00am EDT

Coach Curtis and Coach Taylor are stuck on 480. They might be a few minutes late. Please sit tight. Do not enter the building without the coaches.


Thank you,