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Thank you!

By Christine Keating, 04/19/21, 1:15PM EDT


Thank you for attending the ODL Meet #2 Napoleon. You all represented AFD so well! We appreciate all the patience of the parents with the Pandemic Restrictions and congratulations to all the divers!


This meet was more then double in size of the past 35 years of ODL meets with over 115 divers registered! What?! Incredible! It's so nice to see the enthusiasm of the sport post-Pandemic.


This is the first time we have been electronic with the league with Clean Entries AND Live-Streaming. Not only did it help the meet run faster, but it will be so nice to have everything located online post-meet as well! My favorite part is less work for me. :)


I have updated Clean Entries with all the 1M results. The 3M results should be uploaded in the near future. The 3M computer belonged to the host site, so I need them to get this completed for me (which should be soon.)


We hope this enthusiasm will continue. The next meet will be held at Miami University on Sunday May 16. We will be having platform practice available between events, etc. This will be a great opportunity to practice competing along with Platform the week before USA Diving Regionals. 


Please take the time to complete your Intent to Participate for the remainder of the season: Welcome | Intent to Participate - 2021 Summer Season Meets | American Flyers Diving (


This Intent to Participate is due by May 12 so that the coaching staff can properly plan. We appreciate you completing it sooner of course!


Thank you,