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COVID Protocol at Practices

By Christine Keating, 07/15/20, 12:15PM EDT


American Flyers Diving

Hi all,


It has been brought to my attention that we have become lax in our COVID protocols. This is not acceptable and we must as a team be better. As a reminder, I am listing the protocols below. If you are not following these rules, your diver will be warned. If they continue to disregard the rules, then they will be asked not to return to practice until they feel they can follow protocol. Some of the divers are treating this like a joke, this is no joke.


*You may only attend practice during your registered time. We have to stay within our capacity per practice now more then ever so that we may maintain social distancing and proper coaching.

*No diving bags preferred. No shammies allowed. You must arrive already dressed in your suit. You may bring a towel.

*No locker room shower use allowed.

*It is preferred that your diver has their temp taken prior to leaving home. But, if this is not feasible, a coach can take the temp on site. Please do not come if your diver temp is 100+. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the beginning and end of practice. If you are sick, you will not be allowed to attend practice for two weeks. Please follow all self-quarantine protocol if you have been traveling to an area that has suggested a self-quarantine upon your arrival back home.


Thank you for your continued support and adherence to what is needed for everyone to stay as safe as possible during practice.


Thank you,