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Fearless Fridays with USA Diving has been added to your schedule!

By Christine Keating, 05/01/20, 5:30PM EDT


Hi all,

It is expected that all divers, all teams attend these sessions directly following our weekly Friday Meetings with the Coaches. These have been added to your schedule on the app as well as on the calendar on our website.

One thing that divers all experience is overcoming fear.

Join us each Friday for the next eight weeks at 5pm for USA Diving's new video series, Fearless Fridays, hosted by Ellie Smart.

Each week, two of your favorite U.S. Divers will join Ellie to share their personal journey and topics they’re passionate about giving fans the opportunity to connect with their favorite divers, learn valuable lessons, and ask direct questions... 

Head to the website below to get more info and to sign up for the live session:

You only need to sign up at the link above if you want to join live and be able to submit questions. Otherwise, you can join by watching at this link:


Thank you,