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COVID19: Note from Coach Marc

By Christine Keating, 03/19/20, 1:30PM EDT


Hi all! 

I hope everyone is staying healthy. I wanted to write a “tiny” note about our situation & my thoughts. I also think it was good for everyone to take a week totally off to get all school & family things in order. 

These are quite interesting times & will make for good stories in the future. I hope everyone & everyone’s families are staying healthy!

I know this is really frustrating to not be going on with life as normal but there can always be silver linings if we know where & how to look for them. 

This is a perfect time MANY of you can do 1 EXTREMELY important thing to better yourselves in the sport of diving.....get flexible!!!! Many of you are flexible & do a great job in that arena whether it’s genetics or diligence those of you are good to go. The rest that need it, now is the perfect time! If you cannot dive then this forces us to focus & work on other things that may or is currently hold us back. 

Use this time to look into where we can better ourselves....

- Flexibility: is ALWAYS one simple area! Get your hamstrings, shoulders & achilles areas good to go! 

- Knowledge: Pull up Olympic divers & study & slow mo their movements to see their timing on different dives & categories. Watch arm patterns in take offs & twisting dives. 

- Re-focus & build intensity: Decompress & focus to use this time off to really decompress & unwind. Then start firing up the desire & understand the reason why each of us loves this sport & why we do it. This should make you crazy ready to get back to flipping in the air!

- Slow mo take off drills: it takes thousands of precise movements to transfer correctly into a full speed take off at the end of the board. Go through all categories of take offs.

If you work on those key things daily, you will come out of this situation in a much better way. Those are things we don’t spend enough time doing because we tend to focus on the water aspect of diving, which doesn’t always make the greatest divers. This is an opportunity for us all to stretch our creativity. We will send out specific things for you to do but you can also think about these on your own. 

What will make you better in this situation? 

I really hope we can get back to life as normal soon & of course all us coaches miss your smiling faces;)

Thanks for reading my novel.