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Intent to Participate is MANDATORY to be filled out if attending a meet!

By Christine Keating, 02/17/20, 12:15PM EST


Even if it is a MANDATORY meet for your team... you still need to fill out the INTENT TO PARTICIPATE forms at or you will not receive all the pertinent info about each meet. ALL Divers attending fill out these forms. If you are RWBP, the discount code is the same all year for ODL/Travel Meets.

ALL RWB Divers need to plan on attending the White North Qualifier at BGSU. If AAU is not your "path", you will need to register for the 3M event allowing you to practice on Tower that weekend. If you (RWBP) are unsure if AAU is your "path" (or not,) please reach out to Coach Marc. I am also trying to put together individual paths as soon as I can get all the information together from the coaches.

Thank you! :)