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HIGH SCHOOLERS: Make a Great Dive Video for All American Submission

By Christine Keating, 11/26/19, 11:30AM EST


Attention High Schoolers.... according to NISCA:

When the All America Judges sit down to judge the 500+ diving videos, they know they are going to be watching great divers. However, you can set your diver apart by making sure that the video is as good as the diver. Here are a few tips:

  • Film as close to the judges viewpoint as possible. Your video should be shot from board level and from the side.

  • What must be filmed: Starting position, approach, execution and entry. Make sure that your diver is in the frame the whole time, from start to finish. Don't cut off their head at the top of the dive. It is better to get the entire dive and be a little farther out than to zoom in and miss a critical component.

  • Do not film the judges scores or the scores on the scoreboard as they are presented.

  • Edit your film. Make sure that the diver is vertical in the final version of the film. This is especially important with videos that were shot on a phone. It is very hard to judge a diver when you are watching them sideways.

  • Edit out any "dead air" time prior to the beginning of the approach or takeoff (in back and inward dives) and cut off once they have entered the water. A good video should not be much longer than 3.5 minutes.

  • Review the video and the score sheet and MAKE SURE THEY MATCH.  A frequent cause of disqualifications come from the dive on the screen not matching the dive on the list.

For more tips on creating your diving video, check out our website:  You can start submitting AA Diving applications to our on-line application portal beginning on November 1st. Start recording those 11 dives meets now! Remember, if you don't submit an application, you can't be on the All America list.