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Message from Solon High School

By Christine Keating, 11/25/19, 4:45PM EST


In light of some news not necessarily involving AFD/Stars or Solon... Solon City Schools is asking us to put out a message to the whole AFD team about making sure we are at our best behavior in our locations & making sure to not disturb or cause damage in any of the facilities & locker rooms we use.  Also, DO NOT take phones into locker rooms! Using these facilities is a privilege for us. Please be respectful to our facilities. You are representing AFD when you are at practice and at meets. Please be on your best behavior, clean up after yourself and be respectful to the property and people on-site.

AFD staff will be doing regular sweeps of the properties and locker rooms to make sure that this is followed.

Something happened in some other school & Solon has put out a district wide request to stay vigilant...

Thank you for your help with this!!