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2020 AFD RWB Team Goals

By Christine Keating, 09/28/19, 10:15AM EDT


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Win both Nationals!

  • We need to believe we can do this & have the correct mind set going into this season

Become a team of leaders!

  • Be encouraging to your teammates all the time. Whether it is doing dryland with someone who is avoiding it or encouraging them through a scary dive it helps to go through it with others. Stay in your personalities but find a way to lead that is comfortable. Positive example, build belief & remove excuses. Live honestly, respectfully & have integrity with everything we do. Be the best version of yourself. Control self talk.

Look like a team at every meet!

  • This means warming up as a group in your team gear. Older kids should always help younger/newer divers at meets with this

Always do something at practice!

  • Be efficient! Work smart. Whether you are waiting for dryboard or just came from lifting weights there is always something you can be doing (core exercises, handstand work, etc.).

Practice your weaknesses more than your strengths!

  • If anyone asked to do extra reverses and a few less fronts, any coach would be thrilled!

Become the best team in the country! Don’t accept your fate, create your destiny!!

  • Take control of your time during practice! Attitude & passion will bring the desired effect. Passive training will not get the results. Make yourself don’t wait to be made.

Start on time! 15 minutes early is on time!!  

  • Be warmed up & take it seriously.