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University School

COVID PROTOCOL for University School:

  • Families will be required to complete our Athlete/Coach Daily Covid-19 Screening Form before each training session. Your diver MUST fill this out on your/their phone JUST PRIOR to coming to door so that the timestamp coincides with practice. They need to show the completed confirmation message on the phone to a coach that will be staffing the door. No confirmation of completion, no entry to practice!
  • Students must arrive 10 minutes early for their training session. Don't be late or door will be locked and they will not be able to get into practice!
  • Students will enter the Rotunda Entrance. This is the entrance we have previously used.
  • Students will have their temperature taken before entering the building by a thermal scanner.
  • Students will NOT be permitted to enter the school if the thermal scanner identifies them as having a fever. In those instances, students will be required to leave campus immediately. This means if you are driving your diver, you SHOULD NOT leave until you are certain they have been approved to enter the building.
  • Students need to wear a mask during their ENTIRE TIME at US, except when they are actively diving in practice.
  • Coaches are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Students must wear their suits to US and will NOT be provided a locker room for changing purposes.
  • Students must leave their belongings outside the pool in the hallway and will begin practicing immediately upon entering the natatorium.
  • Students must bring their own water bottle each day. They will not be allowed to refill their bottle on campus.
  • Students will dry off immediately after practice and will be escorted, by a coach, to the athletic rotunda where they will be required to leave the building and head to their car. They will be wet and not allowed to stay inside the building, so you MUST be on-time picking up your diver so they don't freeze (especially in winter months!)
  • Parents must be at US at least 10 minutes prior to the conclusion of their child’s practice. Once again, be on time as the divers WILL NOT be allowed to stay in the building until you get there.
  • Parents are NOT permitted to enter the school. No spectators allowed!


In addition to the daily form above that needs filled out prior to practice, the following form needs filled out for University School online. You only have to do this Waiver one-time prior to the start of Winter Session.


ALL divers attending practice at University School must fill out a waiver online BEFORE the first day of practice. If your diver does not have this online waiver completed, they will not be permitted to dive.


University School Online Waiver:

GPS Address for the Field House:
2785 SOM Center Rd, Hunting Valley, OH


East Woods School

COVID PROTOCOL for East Woods School (1M ONLY):

  • ALL divers are to follow social distancing and wear masks in AND out of the pool.
  • ALL divers are to get their temperature checked upon arrival.
  • ALL divers MUST arrive in their suits. Locker Room usage is limited to putting on dry clothes before leaving. Must make it quick! Must wear masks in locker room! NO SHOWERS!


ALL divers attending practice at East Woods School must fill out a waiver and bring it on the first day of practice. If your diver does not turn in a waiver, they will not be permitted to dive. This waiver is not able to be processed online like some of our other location waivers. You must print it, fill it out and bring it on the first day!


East Woods Middle School Practice Waiver:!ApxMtvPZWjCigYlZy3J-tBNdwufMxA?e=sqbB72

GPS Address for Ada Cooper Miller Natatorium:
120 N Hayden Parkway - East Woods School - Entrance F - Hudson, OH

Beeghly Natatorium

The location is YSU Beeghly Natatorium (next to Football stadium, entrance on Armed Forces Blvd). It has 1M/3M/Towers. 


Park in lot M70 across from McDonalds off Grant St.


COVID PROTOCOL for Youngstown State University:

  • no parents/spectators in building
  • in through bottom doors at diagonal sidewalk (heavy construction, drop-off/meters are not open, will have to walk from M70 lot next to McDonalds)
  • no locker room (come dressed, leave wet)
  • yes on shammies as long as you PROMISE not to put them in your mouth as we know divers like to do!
  • have hand sanitizer in your bag!
  • masks mandatory while not actively diving, including restroom usage
  • DO NOT COME if you exhibit any illness symptoms or a temp exceeding 100
  • designated social distancing spacing is mandatory. If you do not comply, you will be warned. If you still do not comply, you will be sent home.
GPS Address for Beeghly Natatorium:
224 W Spring St, Youngstown, OH